Kind Words From Our Clients

We're confident we can do a good job for you on your upcoming project. But it's also nice to hear how things went from those we've worked with in the past. We've included a few below:

"The Take One Creative folks get it. They operate way Above the Line. They're not only the consummate professionals, but they really know how to tell a story creatively. In a way that gets to the heart of the matter. The real truth. And I'd hire them again in a second."

 —Steve Satterwhite, CEO, Entelligence IT; Author, "Above The Line"


"Working with Take One Creative was such a pleasure. Hal and Jason professionally handled the complexity of creating 3 How-To videos and one author trailer in 2 days! With careful planning, thoughtful scripts, and skilled-camera work, the process was smooth from beginning to the final videos."

—Leslie Charles, Marketing Art Director,
Storey Publishing


“Take One Creative did an outstanding job of making my book trailer. Hal brought in a narrative sensibility and Jason added a ton of artistry and style while respecting my vision for the project. Both put in an uncommon amount of time and care. I highly recommend this team.”

—Florence Williams, author,
“Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History”


“I am so embroiled in the act of creating my business each day that I find it incredibly challenging to unravel what I do for others, let alone speak about it objectively. After working with Take One Creative to produce a video about Barrington Coffee, I now understand that my struggle is their strength. And they distinguish us in an absolutely fresh and alluring way. The world sees us in new way: the way we understand ourselves, but have never quite been able to express before.” 

—Barth Anderson, co-owner,
Barrington Coffee Roasting Company

"Kudos doesn't quite sum it up. I just had a chance to view the cut of your film that we're using in our digital issue. Simply stunning. Your work is amazing and I'm so excited to be featuring this in our app."

—Christopher Johnson, Art Director,
The Nature Conservancy

"Take One Creative is my go-to resource when I need to bring one of Rare's international projects to life, in depth. Their photos and videos are always information-rich and capture the atmosphere of locations and the emotions of people. What makes Take One so valuable as a content provider is their rare ability to excel in delivering sharp, editorial material as well as stunning, cover–quality, artistic pieces."

—David Bellard, Creative Director, Rare


Our communications are more streamlined, more engaging through stories, and—while I can't put a number to this—that learning is reflected in everything we do. I’m very glad that we invested in Take One Creative’s work. The return so far has been outstanding."

—Kathleen Colson, Founder,
The BOMA Project


"Take One Creative made video production easy and fun!  First Hal and Jason talked us through how to turn our brand strategy into questions for our members who would be on-camera. Then they put our 'on-air talent' at ease, helping everyone feel comfortable with talking to the camera as if they were just having a conversation. No need to spend hours on a script and coaching the interviewees. Our videos feel more 'real' as a result. I highly recommend Take One Creative!"

—Jennie Arbogash, Executive Director, Social Venture Partners Boulder County


"Thanks again for putting on that video Workbench at the HUB! You guys are the main reason that I've nearly finished creating our Groundwork promo video—the first real video I've ever compiled!"

Robert Slowinski, Co-founder, Groundwork

Take One brings a lot to the table, from strong writing to the hours they invested in understanding what we do, how we do it, and why our work matters. They are great storytellers with impressive expertise in the complicated and competitive landscape of nonprofit fundraising.”

—Kathleen James,
Dir of Communications,
The BOMA Project


“What I love about Jason and Hal is that they don’t let their tremendous skills with words and images get in the way of effective strategy. Time and time again they have helped Rare bring its remote field projects to life for audiences in the U.S. And given the cultural divide, not to mention the logistical challenges, that’s no easy task.”

—Brett Jenks, CEO, Rare


“After half an hour with Take One, we knew we could tell the story.  After half a minute with their photographs, we knew we could show it, too.”

–Tad Ames, President,
Berkshire Natural Resources Council

"I blogged the interview you did with Jake Price on Verve Photo today. I normally don't include videos but was really impressed with the way it was done."

—Geoffrey Hiller, Founder, Verve Photo


"The photographer saw things the writer did not and the writer heard and saw things the photographer never noticed ... As viewers, we forget the artistry behind a photograph, because the themes are so powerful ... The portrait of Steven Brend is a ... beautiful composition, an echo of a 17th century Georges de La Tour painting reinvented as a photograph."

—Blue Greenberg, "Conservation & Ecology at Art Guild" Herald Sun (Durham, NC), April 2011