Visual Storytelling for a
Fundraising Campaign

“After half an hour with Take One, we knew we could tell the story.  After half a minute with their photographs, we knew we could show it, too.”

–Tad Ames, President, Berkshire Natural Resources Council

Client: Berkshire Natural Resources Council

Berkshire Natural Resources Council needed a final fundraising push to preserve an iconic, hilltop farm in Egremont, Massachusetts. To do that, they had to convince local members and donors to support an ambitious campaign. With a very small marketing budget, they wanted to convey both the history of the farm, the two families who had preserved it, and its beauty.

Creative solution
Rather than divide the budget into multiple efforts (for example, reporting and writing an article for BNRC's website and newsletter, and also photographing the site), Take One focused all our efforts on producing a strong visual story. BNRC staff know plenty about the project and can write and talk effectively about it; what Take One brought was a decade of experience photographing farms, food, and farmers—so we knew just how to tell the story of this landscape in pictures.

Take One delivered two related stories—one on each family—and about 100 exhibition quality images to work from as they built their community presentations.