Explaining an Innovative Model
for Ocean Conservation &
Fisheries management

“What I love about Jason and Hal is that they don’t let their tremendous skills with words and images get in the way of their love of nature. Time and time again they have helped Rare bring its remote field projects to life for audiences in the U.S. And given the cultural divide, not to mention the logistical challenges, that’s no easy task.”

—Brett Jenks, CEO, Rare

Client: Rare

Rare is an international social change organization that runs local environmental campaigns in 50 countries. Rare does not work in the U.S., and yet nearly all of its funding comes from American individuals and foundations. In order to inspire current and potential donors, Rare has to bring itt work to life for them. 

Like most stories about social and environmental change, those that Rare has to tell are complex. They involve many characters (partners), plotlines (social and political factors), and grey areas (viewpoints). Conveying both the heart of each story and its many critical details is a balancing act — one that, in the case of Rare's work in Loreto Bay, Mexico, required developing a communications vehicle that went beyond a standard video or Web article.

Creative solution
To describe Rare's work in Loreto Bay, Take One Creative developed a Web-based multimedia story package that allows viewers to click through videos, photos, text that collectively describe how one community partnered with Rare to address the global issue of unsustainable fishing. The story, largely told in the words of participants, is compelling in and of itself, while also representing Rare's approach at hundreds of sites globally.