What We Do

A character-driven brand video about an amazing boutique coffee roaster in 

A character-driven brand video about an amazing boutique coffee roaster in Massachusetts.

Your clients, customers, supporters and partners want to hear your story. It differentiates you. It makes you memorable. So you have to tell it well.

We help you tell your story better than you can tell it by yourself. We are a creative agency focused on capturing the compelling aspects of your organization and showcasing them through the irresistible medium of video. Through our videos you gain a powerful and compelling voice to engage with audiences that want to hear from you. 

Our principals have deep roots in documentary filmmaking and reportage. We use those skills to bring out your authenticity and character. We marry that material to your strategic goals, distribution channels and budget.

And we make it easy for you. We handle all project aspects, from the initial concept through scripting, storyboards, shooting, editing, music, motion graphics, and presentation or online implementation.

How It Works

I. We begin with conversations. We use a curious, collaborative approach to draw out and refine your key messages. From this process, and continuing in close collaboration with you, we develop your message points and storyboard.

II. On camera, we help you and your organization say what you want to say in an authentic and honest fashion—in other words, to be yourself. We do this through an unscripted, conversational style of on-camera interview. This approach is the heart of what we do.

III. The editing process begins with showing you a "rough cut" for your approval of the content and narrative. We normally plan on two rounds of refinement to get that just right. Then we deliver a "fine cut," which includes all the elements of the final video, such as graphics and music. After you've approved everything we deliver the final version or install it on your chosen platform.

The result: Your audience—customers, donors, partners, supporters—engages emotionally and memorably with your work.