Our Approach

We are focused on content first, format second. Although your ultimate “deliverable” may be a video or a glossy media kit, that’s only part of what we provide. We make certain that you are prepared to get the most value out of what we produce and that our products meet your audience where they live.

First, we take the time to understand your story, your audience, and your goals thoroughly.

Second, we make sure you have the strategy and the tools to effectively use what we will produce.

Third, we research and report so that we can tell the right story in the right way, using the best formats to connect with your audience. We reach them in the way they want to be reached, so that they are moved in the ways you want them to move.

Finally, we price by the project, not by the hour, and once we commit to something we pour blood into it until it's as good as we can make it.