What We Talk About When 
We Talk About Coffee

“I am so embroiled in the act of creating my business each day that I find it incredibly challenging to unravel what I do for others, let alone speak about it objectively. After working with Take One Creative to produce a video about Barrington Coffee, I now understand that my struggle is their strength. And they distinguish us in an absolutely fresh and alluring way. The world sees us in new way: the way we understand ourselves, but have never quite been able to express before.” 

—Barth Anderson, co-owner, Barrington Coffee Roasting Company

Client: Barrington Coffee Roasting Company

Barrington Coffee Roasting Company is committed to redefining what the experience of drinking coffee is, and can be. Since the early 1990s, this small company has pushed the limits of how to think about coffee, treating it much the same way as other people treat wine. Barrington Coffee needed a short video that would start a conversation—strengthening the commitment of existing customers to the brand while showcasing to potential clients the staff’s passion and commitment to coffee. Above all, they needed to differentiate themselves in a crowded field. To do so, we decided to illustrate how far they are willing to push “the coffee experience,” yet still show them as friendly and accessible.

Creative solution
Everything we needed to tell their story was right there: the stylish, industrial work environment; the simple, elegant, and precise process of roasting; and most importantly, the staff themselves. Each in his or her own way is a serious coffee aficionado, full of passion. Playing to strengths, we built on this passion to create emotional engagement with the audience, giving them multiple characters with whom to connect as we unfold the idea of reimagining coffee.