The Popularity of American Football Game and Bets Online

American football appeared in the mid-19th century in the USA. Its creators took something from ordinary football, something from rugby, and added something from themselves. Moreover, the rules remained fuzzy for a very long time, they were formed only by the end of the century. In 1920, the National Football League was formed. This league more than once had to withstand competition. In the mid-20th century, several other leagues were created, but the NFL eventually absorbed them.

A Bit of History

No country can compare with the United States in the popularity of this sport, but American football is actively promoted in Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Australia and several European countries. The creation of the International Federation of American Football in 1998 was a logical result of development. European and world championships have been regularly held since the 90s, but so far the level of national teams cannot even be compared with the level of NFL clubs. In total, 5 world cups were held, of which the USA won in the last three (with three participations), the Japanese team took the lead 2 more times. Passionate fans of football can play it and make money by betting at anytime and anywhere.

What to Bet On in American Football?

Learn more about bets:

  • On the main outcome. Draws happen, but this is so unusual for American football that bookmakers usually do not accept bets on them. After a draw, an overtime is appointed, where the teams may also not reveal the winner, but this happens every few years. P.S. Be careful, bookmakers may or may not consider overtime.
  • On the quarter winner. It is better to bet on such markets in Live.
  • Total. Be careful, the bookmaker may accept bets with or without overtime. Bets are also accepted on the total quarter and total time (the first two quarters - the first half, 3-4 quarter - the second half).
  • Handicap bet. For the main time, taking into account overtime, for a half or a separate quarter.
  • Quarter/match. It is necessary to guess the outcome of the first quarter and the match.

Analysis of American Football Game

The central figure of American football is the quarterback. In ordinary football, there is no player who manages the game as much as a quarterback. Therefore, if a team’s central quarterback is injured, disqualified or simply out of shape, the team is almost doomed to failure.

It is foolish not to use statistics in the analysis of American football, knowing that it has been going on since the founding of the NFL. You can find information about the first downs, the total number of yards, removals, lost yards due to violations, the number of losses, etc. All this is recorded, and you can compare the results of teams in any quarter of the game.